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Ep 37: Clark’s GreeNDP nightmare

With the growth we’ve had since launching in October, and particularly following the historic 2017 BC election, we think it’s time to see what we can really do with this podcast. That’s why we’re launching a Patreon page to ask you to help us build this show into all that it can be.

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Ep 36: And the winner is…

We finally know the results of the 2017 BC election but we still don’t know who will be able to win the Green Party’s support and form a stable government. Then, we look at the recent dust up between the Vancouver Park’s Board and the Vancouver Aquarium. Should we free the whales? Plus our usual quick takes.


Segment 1: The final countdown

Segment 2: Cetacean’s needed?

Quick takes:

Ep 35: Improbable outcomes

There’s still lots to talk about in BC politics this week. Who will be Andrew Weaver’s dance partner in the coming months? What’s the state of the Conservative and NDP leadership races? And what does pollster Mario Canseco think about the state of BC politics?

Segment 1: Let’s make a deal

The Greens want official party status, electoral reform and campaign finance reform. Everyone else wants to govern. Who has a Green heart and who will be left green with envy?

Segment 2: Who wants to lead a Canadian political party?

at 12:07

Conservative members, it’s your last chance to get your ballots in. Counting starts Friday, May 26 at 5PM with the leader announced the next day.

Inside the mail room:

Segment 3: Mario Canseco interview

at 32:25

Learn more about Insights West, including their poll on what BCers want. Follow Mario on Twitter at @mario_canseco

Quick takes

at 1:08:55

Ep 34: New Conservatives on the Block

Because we love you (or at least the sound of our own voices), here’s a bonus episode this week! Here we feature some of Scott Gilmore’s “New Conservatives” dinner party, thoughts of some of the people there and our hot take after. Then we take a quick look at the Comey firing.

Ep 33: Everyone’s a winner!

And we thought we wouldn’t have a lot to talk about after the election!

Here’s the first of our special double-header this week. In this part we do our first of what’s probably going to become an ongoing series deconstructing what just happened in the BC election. Plus we throw in our quick takes on a number of federal government stories.