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Ep 59: The Vancouver Special

The BC Utilities Commission has delivered its verdict on the state of the Site C Dam. Why Vancouver needs electoral reform with Keith Poore of 123Vancouver and our interview with newly minted councillor Hector Bremner. Find the full interviews on our Patreon

Congrats Lindsay Tedds (our premier sponsor) on your appointment as chair of the MSP elimination task force!


Segment 1: Plan B for Site C

Segment 2: Keith Poore – 123 Vancouver
at 12m21s

Segment 3: Hector Bremner
at 27m15s

Quick takes
at 1h05m58s

Ep 58: David King’s IDEA for Alberta education

Bill Morneau has a bit of good news this week as he announces smaller than projected deficits, which means the Liberals can continue spending on new and expanded programs.

Then we speak to former Alberta Education Minister David King about his new petition for a referendum to end the separate Catholic school system in that province.

Plus an extra dose of quick takes from Vancouver, BC and Canadian political news.


Segment 1: Bill’s Tricks and Treats

Segment 2: David King has an IDEA
at 18m06s

Quick takes
at 42m51s

Ep 57: The Mayor’s secret party of disappointment

The results of the Vancouver byelection are in and not even 11% of Vancouverites bothered to vote. Nevertheless, Ian and Scott can surely overanalyze these results to tell you who wins in 2018.

Then we get into the BC NDP and Greens battle over ridesharing and whether it will ever happen in this province. And as a bonus third segment, we look at the bad week that federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau has been having. Then we have a bunch of follow ups and quick takes.

As always, thanks to Lindsay Tedds and all our Patrons for helping make the show possible!

Quick note from Ian: Apologies for the background clicking/noise in this episode. Our mixer or recorder picked up some weird noise and I did my best to filter it out but some got through. Hopefully next week we’ll have sorted out all this fancy gear and actually get our shit together.


Segment 1: Hector the Connector Connected

Segment 2: Ridesharing hits a speed bump
at 19m15s

Segment 3: Morneau he didn’t
at 25m05s

Quick takes & follow ups
at 36m

Ep 55: Vancouver decides – Hashtag socialism or Hector the Connector?

Our extended take on Thursday night’s Housing & Homelessness Forum as part of the Vancouver council byelection. Then we look at Jagmeet Singh’s win in the NDP leadership race and the BC NDP’s first steps to an electoral reform referendum. Plus a roundup of quicktakes from provincial and federal politics.

It rained briefly in the middle of our recording and some of that picked up.