Latest Episodes

  • So long from the BC Leg
    The Leg rises, fiscal and GHG reports and Canada’s deal with Google
  • Stop trying to make ‘CostBC’ happen
    BC United and BC Conservatives have what can loosely be called climate plans and the federal government has a fiscal update
  • ‘Smart’ Density
    We dig into what the opposition parties have had to say about the BC NDP’s housing bills.
  • YIMBY wet dreams
    More housing bills take the power away from cities. We’re happy.
  • Small scale multi unit for all
    BC is getting upzoned
  • Let the western bastards freeze in the dark
    Episode 350! New bills/laws in BC and Trudeau blinks on the carbon tax on home heating oil.
  • Airbnb Gone
  • A smorgasbord of tragedy
    A roundup of stories you may have missed amid the devasting news this week.
  • Fined Ferries
    Sparks fly as the BC Conservatives take their place as the fourth party in the BC legislature, Parliament has a new speaker and the CRTC is going to regulate podcasts. Links BC Canada
  • Target Troubles
    The BC Government releases the first batch of housing targets to disappointing reviews, David Eby isn’t happy that CSIS is reading the newspaper to him, and the Speaker of the House of Commons resigns for inviting a nazi. Links