Latest Episodes

  • Responsible government is a thing of the past
    Han Dong quits the Liberals caucus over the latest China allegations
  • Resources, Reconciliation and Rapporteur
    Cedar LNG project is given environmental approval by the BC Government, sections of the Island Rail Corridor are return to indigenous nations and the latest on the calls for an inquiry into election interference. Episode Notes Links Image via Wikimedia
  • Reluctantly reasonable ft Paul Champ
    Lawyer Paul Champ breaks down the final report of the Public Order Emergency Inquiry
  • Budget day with Alex Hemingway
    CCPA-BC’s Alex Hemingway joins us to talk Budget 2023
  • Escaping the torture chamber
    Melanie Mark resigns and foreign policy quick takes
  • Halfway to being a real party
    A roundup of the bills from the Leg’s first two weeks, some new monies and a floor crosser
  • Throne away from home
    BC Today’s Alec Lazenby joins us to talk about the Throne Speech, first bills and the fed’s healthcare funding proposal
  • D-Day arrives
    D-Day comes in BC. New polling data is bad for the federal Liberals. And hybrid Parliament forever.
  • The cost of coronation
    FOI fees, the cost of a coronation, a detour through Alberta and rockets & tanks
  • Canada Dry
    More housing moves, climate (un)accountablity, LNG GHGs and alcohol is bad for you