Latest Episodes

  • Highlander Logic
    Is the solution to the what ails Canada reforming the constitution?
  • Some kind of United Conservative Party
    Will they? Won’t they? It turns out 48 hours can provide a lot of drama in BC politics.
  • Petty foreign interference
    ICBC cheques, housing targets missed and attacks on our computers and our democracy
  • Ottawa Tries Something
    Ottawa struggles with whether or not to have people give guns to the post office and here in BC Eby asks the Feds to roll back decriminalization in public places. Links
  • Jurisdictional jousting
    Who’s responsible for disability benefits and housing?
  • The Big Budget
    The Federal Budget is out. We break down what is in it and what it means for BC and Canada. Re-upload. Apologies, an incorrect version with an old episode’s audio went out. Links
  • Eby’s war chest
    A kickback scandal, more bills, fundraising data, defence policy and the foreign interference inquiry
  • Just make it look different
    The BC Leg returns with a bunch of bills and Trudeau stakes his re-election on being more like David Eby.
  • Scoring the Rent
    Trudeau wants rent to count toward credits scores, meanwhile Health Minster Dix is frustrated at his own ministry for the inability to keep ERs open full time. 
  • If this man kicked a dog, he’d still win the election
    Both David Eby and Pierre Poilievre are riding high on the polls but 6/18 months is an eternity in politics.