Month: March 2017

  • Ep 26: The Greens in Mouseland

    The Vancouver Housing Reset Report, the BC Greens have some policy and a New Conservative Dinner Party. Segment 1 – Hitting the housing reset button Vision Vancouver has released a new report that looks at the housing crisis and how to fix it. We take a look at how it holds up and question some of […]

  • Why I am Voting for Michael Chong (And you should too)

    “Elections have consequences”. It is a saying often repeated but the events of the past year have really driven it home. The leaders we collectively choice have a substantial impact on the direction of the nation and the tenor of our national and civic discourse. Had a few hundred thousand people in the American Midwest […]

  • Ep 25: Red ink is expensive

    The Trudeau Liberal’s 2017 budget is out. Did they manage to find enough red ink to get it printed in time? Next, the Conservative leadership race is embroiled in another scandal as over 1300 inappropriately signed up members are struck from the party’s list. Then a quick dive into Alberta politics as we catch up […]

  • Ep 24: Tinkering with the rules

    The Trudeau Liberals are proposing some changes to the way the House of Commons functions. Ian & Scott look at whether these will improve civility or stifle opposition. Then, Christy Clark’s bill to solve BC’s fundraising scandals is out and it’s somewhat underwhelming. What really was the point of this? And we look at the […]

  • Ep 23: BC does have one campaign finance law

    A massive story this week in The Globe and Mail demonstrates that BC does actually have at least one campaign finance law – and it may have been broken in BC. What will this mean for the BC Liberals and will they fix it next week? Then, we delve into a series of stories about […]

  • Ep 22: One giant Leap

    And they’re off! Three candidates are in and two to three more are expected. We take a look at who’s in the race to succeed Tom Mulcair and lead the federal NDP. As part of that discussion, we get into the rules of the race, what Guy Caron’s Basic Income idea is all about and […]