The Vancouver Housing Reset Report, the BC Greens have some policy and a New Conservative Dinner Party.

Segment 1 – Hitting the housing reset button

Vision Vancouver has released a new report that looks at the housing crisis and how to fix it. We take a look at how it holds up and question some of its terminology.

Segment 2 – Weaving a platform

The BC Greens are slowly but steadily trickling out a platform that shows they’re about more than just hugging trees. But what’s really in there and will it be enough to differentiate the party from the two big voices?

The Story of Mouseland:

Ian’s extra note: After we recorded this, I saw Vaughn Palmer’s alternate take on the Green’s environmental platform. He argues it’s significantly different than the NDP’s. Since I edited this episode, I stand by my analysis for the most part.

Segment 3 – The Right kind of Conservative

Scott Gibson’s “Confessions of a self-loathing Tory” column in Maclean’s is sparking renewed conversation about launching a new Conservative Party, or at least dinner parties toward that goal.

Quick takes

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