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  • Michael Chong’s Campaign Stop in Vancouver

    This past Friday I attended a meet and greet for Conservative Party leadership candidate Michael Chong, hosted by the Vancouver-Centre EDA. As listeners to the podcast know Michael Chong has piqued my interest by breaking with some of the more orthodox big “C” Conservative positions on climate change, carbon pricing and advocacy for major democratic […]

  • Don’t (Carbon) Tax Me Bro!

    In the six days since Episode 2 of PolitiCoast: Green Shift 2.0 Shift Harder was released the feedback we received on Facebook can at best be described as “mixed”.  It turns out Carbon Taxes are controversial. Who would have thought? The responses can be broken down into four general but over lapping categories.  First climate […]

  • The Trumpster Fire debate

    It’s Thanksgiving weekend, so Scott and I aren’t able to sit down and record a special episode on the US presidential debate that happened last night. So while we will get to much of this on this week’s episode (assuming more news doesn’t drop and I’ll get to that later), having just watched it, I wanted […]

  • David Eby kicks off 2017 election campaign

    David Eby kicks off 2017 election campaign

    Last night I attended David Eby’s nomination meeting at Kits House, which was effectively his kickoff for the 2017 election. It was a packed house, with maybe 150-200 people turning out for the relatively routine event – every constituency association needs to hold a nomination meeting and those meetings are essentially rubber stamps when you […]

  • Welcome to PolitiCoast

    With a BC election a little over 6 months away, it seems like the perfect time to launch a politics podcast with a distinctly BC focus. There are few others really investigating the topic, so look forward to weekly updates as Scott & I delve into what’s going on. Stay tuned for our first episode […]