Ep 07: The Darkest Timeline

Scott and Ian share their thoughts on the recent US Election and the implications for BC and Canada. Warning there is a lot of swearing.

Ep 06: Doubling down on deficits

The Trudeau government has doubled down on deficits in its latest fiscal update. Ian & Scott look into what’s in the document and what it means. Next, it’s been a year since Trudeau took office. What have they accomplished and what is the state of Canada’s opposition parties? Finally, in the quick takes, we look at Michael Chong’s carbon tax plan, the new Senate appointments and the BC Conservatives are once again eating themselves.


DD 01: Electoral Reform

Ian and Scott sit down with Jackie from Leadnow to discuss electoral reform in the first of our monthly Deep Dive episodes where we examine a single topic in detail. We examine the current reform efforts in Canada, the systems under consideration and other tweaks for how Canadians vote. The Liberals promised in their 2015 platform “that 2015 will be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post voting system.” We discuss their promise and the progress they have made. Systems under consideration are:


Finally here’s the testimony given at Meeting No 42 ERRE – Special Committee on Electoral Reform on Oct 21st.

Ep 05: 99 Red Walloons

Did the Canada-Europe trade just get torpedoed by an obscure region of Belgium? Wallonia is being blamed by Canada’s Minister on International Trade for making agreement on the CETA deal impossible. With the Conservatives throwing mad shade, what will the Liberals do on the trade file?

Also, Michael Chong presents his democratic reform proposals, which look much like his earlier democratic reform proposals. The Liberals face criticism over cash-for-access meetings and young workers literally turn their back on Trudeau. Finally, the Green Party of BC is attracting some talent in New Westminster.

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Image credit: Flickr/Global 2000