Ep 18: RIP Electoral Reform

Our first segment: Ding dong, electoral reform is dead. We all sort of expected a long, slow process, but Trudeau seems to have given it a compassionate assisted death (which is legal now). Will this egregious promise breaking bite the Liberals? Was there possibly a more unceremonious way they could have killed this? In our second segment we examine the what’s in the BC NDP’s Climate Plan (or more appropriately, what isn’t) and how they sprung a leak.
Finally, we offer our new, even quicker takes on how fast the federal government is spending infrastructure money, Vancouver media downsizing, fundraising numbers in the Conservative leadership race, an undignified departure of an undignified strategist and tweaks to the foreign buyers tax.

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Segment one: Electoral Status Quo

Segment two: Carbon leaks


Ep 16: The O’Leary Factor

Sick of President Trump already? Let’s talk about who everyone’s calling Canada’s Trump instead: Kevin O’Leary! Yes, he’s finally entered the Conservative Party leadership race, but will he get eaten in the shark tank? Next, a real newspaper – The New York Times even – noticed BC politics. Will their expose on BC’s “Kafkaesque” fundraising rules swing the election? And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on a storytime tour to connect with real Canadians but seems to only be running from gaffe to gaffe. Will this harm his next term?

And in our quick takes, we look at a lawsuit launched by First Nations groups against the Kinder Morgan pipeline, a Mainstreet poll showing Gregor Robertson is the least popular mayor out of 10, a curious shakeup in the military and whatever the hell is going on in Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party leadership race.

All this and more on this week’s PolitiCoast.


The O’Leary Factor

Someone noticed us!

Trudeau storytime

Quick takes

Ep 15: Trudeau’s friends with benefits

Trudeau shuffles his cabinet to to get burned by the Washington dumpster fire. The Prime Minister’s ethics are questioned after revelations of a secret vacation with a family friend, the Aga Khan who also runs a nonprofit receiving government funding. The Prime Minister’s flight to the island on Khan-Air likely broke the Conflict of Interest Act. The BC government gives approval to Kinder Morgan with additional conditions. Department of Finance projects deficits until 2055. Focus groups conducted by the Federal Government hint at possible, Netflix taxes, “moonshots” and air and sea port privatization on the agenda for 2017. Richmond decides to ban Airbnb but doesn’t know how. Finally BC election nominations as “bear rescuer” Bryce Casavant becomes the NDP challenger to Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver and independent Vicki Huntington, decides not running again.

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Ep 14: Fall Finale

Ian and Scott share their thoughts on events of 2016 and what they will be watching for in 2017.

Topics discussed include:

  • Trump
  • Brexit
  • Rise of the Alt Right
  • Trudeau’s First Year
  • Federal Leadership Races
  • BC 2017 Election

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From all of us at PolitiCoast Happy New Year!