BC United suffers another embarassment, as do the BC Greens. Meanwhile, Eby takes on the federal government over immigration funding (we recorded before he criticized equalization payments too). Federally, Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh read the unredacted NSICOP report on foreign interference and have diametrically opposed takes on it – presumably one of them is correct.


B.C. United missteps divide Muslim community, strategist claims | CBC News

https://x.com/JasJohalBC/status/1800569776793874450 First Falcon statement

https://x.com/richardzussman/status/1800687998260142149 Falcon statement

Sonia Furstenau noir (reupload)

B.C. premier frustrated with Quebec immigration funding | CBC News

Marc Miller defends $750M in immigration funding for Quebec, says B.C. premier was ‘confused’ | CBC News

NDP’s Jagmeet Singh says report shows ‘a number of MPs’ have helped foreign states

Elizabeth May Shares Her Review of NSICOP Report – June 11, 2024 | Headline Politics | CPAC.ca

Jagmeet Singh Reacts After Reading NSICOP Report – June 13, 2024 | Headline Politics | CPAC.ca

Liberals support push to have public inquiry probe claims that parliamentarians helped foreign states | CBC News

Liberals refuse to say if current Cabinet ministers named in foreign interference report | Watch News Videos Online

Poilievre is the sole party leader forgoing access to classified report on foreign interference – The Globe and Mail

Poilievre says Tories will vote against capital gains tax hike, calls it a ‘job killer’ | CBC News

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