Will they? Won’t they? Within 48 hours we went from the chance of BC United and BC Conservatives merging, to Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West taking over to it all crumbling apart. And this all took place against the final week of the BC Legislature’s sittings before the fall’s election. So we naturally have a number of MLAs retiring.

We also learned this week that the CRA is seemingly more interested in collecting taxes from renters than from the many delinquents in the real estate sector.


Gordon Campbell urged to broker BC United-Conservative merger – The Orca 

Former B.C. premiers join in calls for a right-of-centre party merger

Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West considering leading merged BC United-Conservative party | Globalnews.ca




Rustad quashes BC Conservative, United party merger rumours

BC United, BC Conservative merger shot down by Kevin Falcon


BC NDP leads by 6 over the BC Conservatives as the gap closes from 18 to 6-points – Abacus Data

Pallas British Columbia Poll: Conservatives 38, NDP 37, BC United 13, Green 9

Retiring incumbents


Taking action to help people the focus of final legislative session | BC Gov News




Joint statement: B.C.’s new online action table sets stage to help keep more people safe | BC Gov News

State actor blamed for cyberattack on B.C. government systems | CBC News

B.C. real estate: CRA audits uncover $1.3 billion in unpaid taxes | Vancouver Sun



Ottawa getting ready to ditch costly, error-prone Phoenix pay system | CBC News

CRTC delays implementing online streaming act until end of 2025 – The Globe and Mail  

Trudeau government cuts budget of Information Commissioner – The Globe and Mail

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