Spring break is over and the BC Legislature returns with a raft of major bills: Housing, renter protections, a flipping tax, First Nations land ownership and Police Act reforms. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau is doing a major pre-budget tour, possibly violating parliamentary privilege, to promote housing programs to mirror BC’s recent changes. And NDP MPs jump ship.


Christine Boyle wins Vancouver-Little Mountain BCNDP nomination

Gwen O’Mahony Nominated in Nanaimo-Lantzville – Conservative Party of BC

More protections for renters, parents, landlords, families | BC Gov News 

New zoning, amenities, tenant protections support people, create livable communities | BC Gov News 

Flipping tax means more homes for families, not speculators | BC Gov News 

New legislation will eliminate discriminatory barriers for First Nations | BC Gov News 

New legislation paves the way for police reform | BC Gov News 

Mandatory devices limit speed for commercial trucks in B.C. | BC Gov News

Growing communities and building more homes, faster | Prime Minister of Canada

Unlocking housing construction and launching Canada Builds  

Protecting and expanding affordable housing

Breaking NIMBYism: Many Canadians Open to Gentle Density – Abacus Data

More $10-a-day child care spaces

A National School Food Program to set kids up for success | Prime Minister of Canada 

3 NDP MPs announce they will leave politics | CBC News

(From January): As 10 Grit MPs decide not to run again, more expected to bow out ahead of likely ‘most difficult election for Liberals since 2015’ – The Hill Times  

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