Selina Robinson leaves the NDP, a nomination battle in Little Mountain and should local governments have more say in immigration?


Ex-minister Selina Robinson quits B.C. NDP, citing antisemitism in caucus – Victoria Times Colonist

Full text of Selina Robinson’s resignation letter to B.C. NDP caucus | National Post

Eby defends NDP against Robinson’s antisemitism allegations

BC United public service allegations about

B.C. NDP nomination battle brewing between former and current Vancouver city councillors

Changes aim to help people out of poverty | BC Gov News

Court upholds injunction against B.C. law restricting public drug use

More small towns in Canada will be able to choose which immigrants can settle, minister says – The Globe and Mail

Public servant’s company received more than $200M in government contracts since 2015 | CBC News

Ottawa suspends ArriveCan firm’s security status for some federal contracts – National |

Conservatives riding high after a lopsided victory in Durham federal byelection | CBC News

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