Ian speaks with independent journalist Dustin Godfrey about drug policy in BC, including the recent injunction against Bill 34.

They explore the decriminalization pilot project and the subsequent introduction of Bill 34, which restricts public consumption of illegal substances. They also touch on the negative impacts of criminalization, the provincial government’s approach to decriminalization, the restrictions on drug use in public spaces, and the impact on vulnerable and marginalized communities. The conversation also discusses the Harm Reduction Nurses Association’s constitutional challenge to Bill 34 and the recent injunction ruling. The path forward includes the need for safe consumption sites and addressing the housing crisis.


  • Decriminalization aims to reduce stigma and harm associated with drug use, but the restrictions on drug use in public spaces can push drug users into more dangerous situations.
  • The Harm Reduction Nurses Association’s constitutional challenge and injunction highlight the potential harms of Bill 34 and the need for a comprehensive approach to the toxic drug crisis.
  • Addressing the housing crisis and providing safe consumption sites are crucial steps in ensuring the safety and well-being of drug users.
  • The court’s acceptance of arguments for decriminalization and safe supply demonstrates a growing recognition of the need for harm reduction strategies.


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