The BC government is spending money to help non-profits buy affordable rental housing and to expand the Crown Prosecution Service. Meanwhile Kevin Falcon wants a new bridge to the North Shore. In Ottawa it’s buying season with a finalized deal for the F-35 fighter for us and a gift of surface to air missiles for Ukraine.


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2 Responses to “Bridging the political divide”

  1. Why are the hosts so keen on increasing our spending on national defense? Isn’t there something to be said for limiting our spending so we’re not contributing to a never ending arms race that makes the world worse off?

    How about we just go all out and try to push for nukes? Otherwise how can we expect to taken seriously on the “world stage”?

    • I was sick last week so I missed the recording but I’m not really in on increasing defense spending and definitely am out on the F-35s. David Pugliese has been writing some good critical pieces and doing some good podcast interviews recently on that specific issue. See also Taylor Oakes’ piece in the Toronto Star that was sharply critical of us spending billions on what’s clearly a purely offensive weapon.

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