From 34 premiers down to two. Over the past several months we’ve been pitting BC’s premiers against one another to find the greatest. Inevitably we were headed to this conclusion: Social Credit titan WAC Bennett and the NDP legend Dave Barrett.

To make the case for these two premiers, we invited experts in the two premiers, people who literally wrote the books on them. David J Mitchell, author of WAC Bennett and the Rise of British Columbia, presents the case for Bennett. Rod Mickleburgh, co-author of The Art of the Impossible, argues for Barrett.


Then Stewart Prest fills in for Scott to help Ian break down Dr Bonnie Henry’s announcement that the mask mandate is ending. They then turn to the federal Conservative leadership race where Leslyn Lewis, Jean Charest, Patrick Brown  and Roman Baber are in; and Tasha Kheiriddin is out. And finally in Ukraine news, they discuss the tweet that kicked off a conversation about what is the role of cabinet members during a time of international conflict.


Segment 1: COVID

Segment 2: Conservative race

Segment 3: ‘The taxpayer dime’

Quick takes

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