The BC Liberals released their election debrief looking at what went wrong and what they should learn. And an expert panel has a lot of recommendations on housing.

But will anyone learn anything?

And our quick take looks at the latest in the federal Green drama.


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One response to “Ep 244: Failures in elections; failures in housing”

  1. If the NDP don’t accept floor crossers, explain Sandra Jansen.

    I remember one of the first interviews I saw with the new federal Greens leader and she specifically asked about ‘The Yearbook Photo’ and she said Black Canadians had accepted PMJT’s apology and forgiveness and she wouldn’t make it an issue [which so far she hasn’t even after this week] so a bit odd hearing you guys still sticking with it more than the communities effected, but you do you.

    Among Atwin’s reasons for floor crossing was she can now work more collaboratively within the government for Frederictonians which is kind of a knock on the opposite case made by opposition party candidates which is probably why discussion of that as gotten so ignored since perhaps she’s right.

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