One MP stood in the way of a motion that would condemn racism in the RCMP and launch a review of its expenditures. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called that MP, Bloc House Leader Alain Therrien, a racist and Singh was subsequently thrown out of the House of Commons for the day. We look at the history, the politics and procedure of politicians being thrown from legislatures.

First, we do a little follow-up to feedback from our previous episode on policing. See below for a roundup of links to further explore the issue.

In quick takes we explore everything from Morneau’s budget snapshot and Trudeau’s UN Security Council loss to a basic income poll and the state of the BC Green and federal Conservative leadership races.

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Policing followup

Main segment: It’s okay to be a racist but not to call someone racist in the House

Quick takes

Image via ParlVu, shows NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh saying “I did call him a racist.”

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