We’ve successfully sabotaged the economy on a global scale and hopefully we did it fast enough to save enough lives and our healthcare system.

Labour economist Kevin Milligan (@kevinmilligan) joins us once again to break down the federal and provincial aid packages and how they hope to keep Canadians staying home and staying healthy. And we answer the all important question of whether we can just make money printer go brrr?

Then we invite back political scientist Stewart Prest (@stewartprest) to consider the deeper political implications of the crisis. What is the role of government, how do we balance civil liberties with a protection of public health and what can the opposition even do?

Oh and the Conservatives called off their leadership and the BCTF reached a tentative deal with the province.

Note: Trudeau announced the small business wage subsidy was jumping from 10 to 75% on the morning after we recorded.

Remember: Wash your hands and stay home.

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