We’ve made it to 150 episodes!

Thanks to everyone who’s listened, shared and donated to help make this show what it is. Special thanks as well to BC Today for their continued support.

For our 150th live show, we recorded with Nicola Spurling and Zoe Ferry at Creative Coworkers in Vancouver. We look back at the state of the BC Government after two years and then look ahead to how the election is shaping up.

And as Ian announced in the show: He’s expecting a baby in September! Which means he’ll be taking a hiatus for a few weeks but Scott will keep the ship going with some guest cohosts. It also means your support is more important then ever to help keep the show going. Our goal is to contract out a lot of our editing and production to let us focus on producing more and better content. So it’s never been more important to sign up to support the show on Patreon.

Photo via @joshkepkay on Instagram

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