Ep 116: Canada’s Archduke Ferdinand situation

First, we talk about the latest in the ongoing legislative drama embroiling Speaker Darryl Plecas, the Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms. Is Plecas all huff and no puff or will we see his laundry list in January? Time will tell.

Then we have an interview with Clean Energy Canada’s Dan Woynillowicz on the Government of BC’s new Clean BC plan. BC is set to become a climate leader again with this comprehensive plan.

And in our third segment we try to unpack the escalating drama around Canada’s arresting of a senior Huawei executive and whether this will be what brings about the end of the world.

And in our quick takes we tackle the Rental Housing Task Force recommendations, Andrew Weaver’s desire to renegotiate the GreeNDP CASA and the reason for the delay in the Senate moving to its new temporary accommodations.

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Segment 1: Audits in the House

Segment 2: Clean BC with Dan Woynollowicz
at 10m49s

Segment 3: Huawei or the highway
at 36m03s

Quick takes
at 45m28s

And we forgot to mention Bryan’s electoral reform exit poll. Read more on his blog.

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