Ep 108: Taxing houses, jobs and weed

The BC NDP introduced legislation to create the housing speculation tax and to replace the MSP premiums with an employer health tax this week. And already they’ve agreed to a few tweaks to the speculation tax from the BC Greens. Cannabis was also legalized this week, to many, many media stories and very few hiccups.

Also, Andrew Wilkinson is thirsty for a debate, the NDP looks to censor its members, chiropractors crack down on pseudoscientific claims and Jagmeet Singh gets more bad news.

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We’re moderating a proportional representation debate! Hosted by the Canadian Club at the Terminal City Club on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 between 12:00-2:00 PM. Get tickets online before October 19. Send us any questions you might want us to ask!

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On October 20, vote in your municipal election. Check out Ian’s other show Cambie Report for more on the race in the City of Vancouver. And find tickets for the election night party there.


Segment 1: Ending speculation on speculation taxes

Segment 2: Weed is legal but you still can’t buy cannabis lube in BC
at 13m23s

Quick takes
at 23m43s

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