Ian’s note: The title for this episode was meant as a (weak) joke about the BC NDP’s Childcare plan (it puts babies first, get it?), and not in anyway an attempt to undermine the credibility of Finance Minister Carole James or any women in politics. I’m sorry for this shortsightedness and will continue to try better in the future.

The BC NDP have released their first full budget, so we’re dedicated the entire show to it! First, Ian & Scott break down the major highlights and reactions from the opposition. Then they speak with UBC economist Tom Davidoff about the 30 point housing plan and finally with tax economist Lindsay Tedds about the MSP Task Force and the announced phase out of MSP premiums.

Plus a few quick takes and we close off with our picks for this week’s #bestofbcpoli

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Baby’s First Budget

Interview with Tom Davidoff
at 16m14s

Interview with Lindsay Tedds
at 50m55s

Apologies for the lower quality on this interview, we were trying a new call recorder.

Quick takes
at 1h04m03s


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