Ep 70: #MeToo comes to Canadian politics

Pod Keep Our Land’s Erin Rennie joins us to talk about the spate of political resignations this week following different sexual misconduct allegations. Leaders of the Progressive Conservative parties in Ontario and Nova Scotia stepped down, as did Liberal federal cabinet minister Kent Hehr.

But first, we check in on the state of the BC Liberal leadership race as the last debate was held earlier this week and voting happens next weekend.

Plus our usual quick takes and this week’s #bestofbcpoli

This week’s music: Beautiful Day by Jess Vaira

#bestofbcpoli intro: For this is British Columbia by Greg and Rich

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Segment 1: More Enterprise than an episode of Star Trek

Segment 2: #MeToo comes to #cdnpoli
at 17m06s

Quick takes
at 39m27s

Best of #bcpoli
at 55m40s

Finally, apologies for the audio quality in the first two segments, the gain was a bit high on one of our mics. It gets better after the quick takes.

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