Mayor Gregor Robertson announces he will not be seeking reelection this year, so this means more municipal coverage in 2018.

Meanwhile, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer is probably hoping Senator Lynn Beyak would take an early retirement from the Senate as she continues to cause problems for him, even after being ejected from caucus for posting racist emails on her website.

In our quick takes, we look at the BCNDP’s decision to increase the homeowner grant threshold, what it means the Michael Lee allegedly signed up the most members in the BC Liberal Leadership race, the new No BC Proportional Representation Society, Bill Morneau’s good news from the ethics commissioner and the first signs we may lose NAFTA this year.

Finally, we end with a brand new segment: The best of #bcpoli where we highlight some of the best Tweets on our radar from the past week. Nominate future tweets with #bestofbcpoli

This week’s inro music: Vancouver by Ligia Oancea
Best of BC music from: Canada Geography Song


Segment 1: Gregor’s off to a happier planet

Segment 2: The Senate’s racist relative
at 17m14s

Quick takes
at 27m40s

Best of BC Poli
at 45m43s

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