The BC Ombudsperson released a report into the BC Government’s decision to fire eight key Ministry of Health employees in 2012. Will this scandal stick to Teflon Christy Clark?

Next, the provinces have finally agreed a free trade agreement with the federal government. Will Canada finally be a free market oasis?

Then we take a look at the politics around Trump’s decision to launch missiles at Syria this week.

Finally, as our special treat, we have about half our our interview with NDP MLA David Eby. Catch the full recording soon on a special crossover episode with This Is Lotusland.


Ian’s perfunctory socialist push-back on “Vimyism”

Segment 1 – Failing to make healthy decisions

Segment 2 – A deal 150 years in the making

Segment 3 – The Trumpire Strikes Back

Quick Takes

We’d actually recorded more quick takes but Ian’s phone stopped recording for the last 15 minutes so we cut it back significantly. Here are the stories we covered (plus some we planned to).

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