Our first segment: Ding dong, electoral reform is dead. We all sort of expected a long, slow process, but Trudeau seems to have given it a compassionate assisted death (which is legal now). Will this egregious promise breaking bite the Liberals? Was there possibly a more unceremonious way they could have killed this? In our second segment we examine the what’s in the BC NDP’s Climate Plan (or more appropriately, what isn’t) and how they sprung a leak.
Finally, we offer our new, even quicker takes on how fast the federal government is spending infrastructure money, Vancouver media downsizing, fundraising numbers in the Conservative leadership race, an undignified departure of an undignified strategist and tweaks to the foreign buyers tax.

All this and more in the latest episode of PolitiCoast!

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Segment one: Electoral Status Quo

Segment two: Carbon leaks


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