Ep 01: Band-aids on gaping flesh wounds

In the first episode of PolitiCoast, Scott and Ian discuss the motivations for the podcast, the approval of the Pacific Northwest LNG project and the latest in the Vancouver housing story and efforts to regulate a solution. In their quick takes they discuss the fallout from the first US presidential debate, the Green Party of BC’s decision to no longer accept corporate or union donations, a Richmond city council policy to mandate English on bus shelter ads and the BC NDP’s announcement that it will campaign on a $10/day childcare program.

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2 Responses to “Ep 01: Band-aids on gaping flesh wounds”

  1. Excellent! Right up my political alley. Hope you won’t mind delving into the Trans Pacific Partnership. That is fast approaching. Speeding train coming at us and a fat bomb up Prince Rupert’s backside. Lovely target for Kim Jong-un. Oops!

    • Hey Terri, glad you like it! TPP is a HUGE topic but we’ll definitely try to take a look the next time it comes up in the news.

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