The BC Politics Podcast

  • The cost of coronation
    FOI fees, the cost of a coronation, a detour through Alberta and rockets & tanks
  • Canada Dry
    More housing moves, climate (un)accountablity, LNG GHGs and alcohol is bad for you
  • Bridging the political divide
    Stewart Prest joins to discuss Kevin Falcon’s pledge to build a new bridge to the North Shore and the Canadian Government breaking out the cheque-book for military hardware.
  • 2022: The freest of years
    A look back at politics in 2022, our predictions for 2023 and some other stuff that’s happened
  • Winter freeze
    ICBC and MLA pay gets frozen in time for the holidays
  • Cabinetry refinishing
    Stewart Prest joins Ian to dissect David Eby’s new cabinet