The BC Politics Podcast

  • Target Troubles
    The BC Government releases the first batch of housing targets to disappointing reviews, David Eby isn’t happy that CSIS is reading the newspaper to him, and the Speaker of the House of Commons resigns for inviting a nazi. Links
  • Assassination allegations
    More shakeups in the BC Legislature and foreign interference reaches a new level
  • Four parties in the House
    The BC Conservatives reach official party status and the federal parties preview their fall priorities
  • Broken BC
    With the summer over BC United tries to land a blow on education, and the federal government finally calls an inquiry into foreign interference. Links
  • Bank you I won’t do what you tell me
    David Eby dukes it out with the Bank of Canada while Canadian Conservatives stir up a culture war.
  • Shitstorm in the Shuswap
    Temperatures are rising, metaphorically and literally, both in BC and federally