The BC Politics Podcast

  • Just make it look different
    The BC Leg returns with a bunch of bills and Trudeau stakes his re-election on being more like David Eby.
  • Scoring the Rent
    Trudeau wants rent to count toward credits scores, meanwhile Health Minster Dix is frustrated at his own ministry for the inability to keep ERs open full time. 
  • If this man kicked a dog, he’d still win the election
    Both David Eby and Pierre Poilievre are riding high on the polls but 6/18 months is an eternity in politics.
  • Not the Beaverton
    It’s Spring Break for teachers and the BC Leg. Ottawa is a silly place.
  • Brokenhearted
    Selina Robinson leaves the NDP, a nomination battle in Little Mountain and should local governments have more say in immigration?
  • Mostly Online Harmless
    The Online Harms Bill, the PharmaCare Bill and more news from federal politics.