Greatest Premier Bracket

Greatest Premier Bracket

Introducing the PolitiCoast 2021 Greatest British Columbia Premier Bracket competition.

Starting with Episode 251 on August 6, 2021, we’ll be running a series of weekly polls to find out who was the greatest* premier of BC ever.

Within the bracket we have five distinct competitions.

First up are the non-partisan premiers who led the province from confederation until 1903.

Then we have challenges for each of the parties that have led the province: The Conservatives, the NDP, Social Credit and the BC Liberals.

Out of the Conservative and Social Credit brackets we will crown the best conservative premier, who will face off with the top Liberal to establish the best centre-right coalition premier. While the top NDP premier will take on the top non-partisan.

And sometime later this year we’ll get to the ultimate battle. Maybe we’ll even bring on some guests to make the case for who should win in that head to head.

In each week’s podcast we’ll also dig into a bit of the history of who these premiers were and why you might want to crown them the greatest ever. After that, visit this page for the weekly polls to vote.

Voting for each round will be open from Friday of each week (roughly when the podcast is published) until the following Thursday at 7 PM PDT.

*Greatest meaning gets the most votes in our online polls.