Ep 214: Make politics boring again

We look at what the US election results might mean for BC and Canada, and what to expect when we finally finish counting our own votes here in BC.

Ep 213: 2020 BC Election dissection with Mario Canseco

ResearchCo pollster Mario Canseco joins us to review the results of the 2020 BC Election.

Ep 212: A quiet end

The campaign comes to an end, predictions, races to watch and how Parliament narrowly avoided dragging us into another election.

Bonus: The Platforms Podcast

We delve into the BC Liberal & BC Green pitches for your votes.

Ep 211: He was resigned

Laurie Throness is out as the (almost) cap to an event week in the election. We look at how that happened, the controversy with fellow BC Liberal Jane Thronthwaite and each party’s performance in the leader’s debate.