Ep 166: Conventional oppositions

A look at the BC NDP’s convention and end of the 2019 legislative session; how the federal Conservative and NDP leadership teams are shaping up; and why Victoria’s AggregateIQ is attracting international attention.

Ep 165: Down to the wire

The bills the BC NDP are rushing to get passed before the end of the year and Trudeau’s new cabinet.

Ep 61: Minister of Silly Names

Unparliamentary language is threatening our democracy in BC but thankfully Darryl Plecas is there to save us from such profanity. Plus, what does peacekeeping even mean anymore, particularly in light of Ukraine’s request that the UN intervene on their behalf against Russia. And the conversation about supply management we know you’ve been dying to hear. Finally, some quick takes which, as always, includes a not-so-quick look at the TPP and housing controversies in Vancouver.

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Segment 1: Does the legislature need an explicit tag?
at 7m03s

Segment 2: Peacekeeping, what is it good for?
at 16m20s

Segment 3: Supply management interview with John Hordijk
at  23m09s

Quick takes
at 48m44s

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Ep 25: Red ink is expensive

The Trudeau Liberal’s 2017 budget is out. Did they manage to find enough red ink to get it printed in time?

Next, the Conservative leadership race is embroiled in another scandal as over 1300 inappropriately signed up members are struck from the party’s list.

Then a quick dive into Alberta politics as we catch up on how Jason Kenney is making waves in the province.

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Innovate the middle class

Phantom members

Jason Kenney’s Wild Rose Ride

Quick takes

bc conservatives bridge plan

Ep 24: Tinkering with the rules

The Trudeau Liberals are proposing some changes to the way the House of Commons functions. Ian & Scott look at whether these will improve civility or stifle opposition. Then, Christy Clark’s bill to solve BC’s fundraising scandals is out and it’s somewhat underwhelming. What really was the point of this? And we look at the state of the NDP leadership race following their first debate – or, more accurately, group icebreaker.

Finally, big news this week as we announce our partnership with TheDarkHorse.Report This new Vancouver-based blog looks to make politics more accessible and already has a nice poll aggregator to keep up with the upcoming BC election. Check it out, where you can find our latest episodes and more great analysis.

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Changing the rules of the game

Doing nothing is something

Agree to Agree

Quick takes