Month: July 2017

Emergency pod: Christy Clark resigns

Christy Clark has announced she’s resigning as leader of the BC Liberals – and she did it while we were editing our most recent podcast! So Ian & Scott are back to look forward to what this means for the future of the BC Liberal Party and the state of politics in the province.

Ep 45: Niki Ashton

BC’s new government is ten days old, how are they doing? Then we sat down for an interview with NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton to discuss her bid. Finally, we give quick takes on Vancouver & Burnaby housing stories, the ongoing Alberta United Conservative Party going ons and Trump’s decision to ban trans people from the military.

Note that as we recorded this, the US Senate was voting on the healthcare bill, so we cut our discussion of that and as we were editing it, Christy Clark announced her resignation, so we don’t discuss that.

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Ep 44: Tom Davidoff

BC has a new government and another new cabinet. How did our predictions stack up and how has John Horgan handled his first few days as the first NDP premier in BC in 16 years?

Then, we sat down with UBC economics Professor Tom Davidoff to talk all things housing, including how he got 50 economists to agree on something!
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Ep 43: Fantasy cabinet

Ryan joins us again on this episode to take a look at Canada’s new governor general, the role itself and some of the history behind it. Then we look at who might make the cut in the first BC NDP cabinet in 16 years and our usual quick takes.

Correction: In the second segment Ryan mistakenly suggests Rob Fleming was part of the NDP caucus to push for Carole James’ resignation. Sorry for this mistake.


Ep 42: Politics, the universe and everything

The dust is finally settling after the 2017 BC election and the next NDP government is starting to take shape. Trudeau is in hot water over a $10.5 million apology to Omar Khadr, but did he have any other choice? And what’s going on in the NDP leadership race?


Segment 1: Meggs in line

Segment 2: A controversial apology
at 20:20

Segment 3: And then there were four
at 32:45

Quick takes
at 41:12