Month: January 2017

  • Ep 17: Alternative electoral reform

    What has the first week of Trump’s presidency meant for Canada? Did the government’s survey find anything useful? It’s time for another edition of PolitiCoast! Links Tieleman on Clark vs Trump Ipsos Conservative Party leadership poll report FairVote Canada response to report Internal trade deal to be announced BC Supreme Court refuses to hear […]

  • Ep 16: The O’Leary Factor

    Sick of President Trump already? Let’s talk about who everyone’s calling Canada’s Trump instead: Kevin O’Leary! Yes, he’s finally entered the Conservative Party leadership race, but will he get eaten in the shark tank? Next, a real newspaper – The New York Times even – noticed BC politics. Will their expose on BC’s “Kafkaesque” fundraising […]

  • Ep 15: Trudeau’s friends with benefits

    Trudeau shuffles his cabinet to to get burned by the Washington dumpster fire. The Prime Minister’s ethics are questioned after revelations of a secret vacation with a family friend, the Aga Khan who also runs a nonprofit receiving government funding. The Prime Minister’s flight to the island on Khan-Air likely broke the Conflict of Interest […]

  • Looming Fiscal Crisis? Why the Latest Finance Report is Neither a Harbinger of Doom Nor Cause for Complacency

    Last week the Toronto Sun published article with the alarming, but not out of character headline Buried government report reveals looming fiscal crisis about the Update of Long-Term Economic and Fiscal Projections report from the Department of Finance Canada, which was released just prior to Christmas. The Department of Finance’s report projects the federal budget will […]

  • 2017 Predictions

    On our Year End Episode (Ep 14) Ian and I discussed what we were watching in the up coming year. Below is an expanded list of what I will be keeping an eye on and what I predict will happen.  Attached to each prediction is a confidence level, expressed in percentage terms. If my confidence is properly calibrated […]