Month: November 2016

  • Ep 10: Selling the farm

    Justin Trudeau kills the coal industry. The Globe and Mail exposes how many farms in Agricultural Land Reserve are being used for mansions and hotels. Trudeau bought some new fighter jets, Charlie Angus mulls an NDP leadership bid, Vancouver mayors announce the start of the first phase of transit expansion and the BC government puts […]

  • Ep 09: Empty homes and empty promises

    Vancouver has introduced its empty home tax, but is it a solution in search of a problem? Former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge thinks it’s a supply problem and BC NDP leader thinks dumping cash into co-op housing is the solution. Meanwhile, the Trudeau Government seems to be continuing to find ways to walk […]

  • Ep 08: Supreme Court Smackdown

    A bonus long weekend episode with a focus just on BC & Canada! Ian and Scott discuss the Conservative Party Leadership Debate, the BCTF vs BC Government Supreme Court of Canada verdict, PEI’s electoral reform vote and the new spill response plan for the west coast. Additional links: Five things you need to know on […]

  • Ep 07: The Darkest Timeline

    Scott and Ian share their thoughts on the recent US Election and the implications for BC and Canada. Warning there is a lot of swearing. The Data Behind Trump’s Win – The Globe and Mail 2016 US Election Results by state 2012 US Election Results by state BC/CAN-USA Trade info [pdf] The left vs. a carbon […]

  • Michael Chong’s Campaign Stop in Vancouver

    This past Friday I attended a meet and greet for Conservative Party leadership candidate Michael Chong, hosted by the Vancouver-Centre EDA. As listeners to the podcast know Michael Chong has piqued my interest by breaking with some of the more orthodox big “C” Conservative positions on climate change, carbon pricing and advocacy for major democratic […]

  • Ep 06: Doubling down on deficits

    The Trudeau government has doubled down on deficits in its latest fiscal update. Ian & Scott look into what’s in the document and what it means. Next, it’s been a year since Trudeau took office. What have they accomplished and what is the state of Canada’s opposition parties? Finally, in the quick takes, we look […]