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Ep 26: The Greens in Mouseland

The Vancouver Housing Reset Report, the BC Greens have some policy and a New Conservative Dinner Party.

Segment 1 – Hitting the housing reset button

Vision Vancouver has released a new report that looks at the housing crisis and how to fix it. We take a look at how it holds up and question some of its terminology.

Segment 2 – Weaving a platform

The BC Greens are slowly but steadily trickling out a platform that shows they’re about more than just hugging trees. But what’s really in there and will it be enough to differentiate the party from the two big voices?

The Story of Mouseland:

Ian’s extra note: After we recorded this, I saw Vaughn Palmer’s alternate take on the Green’s environmental platform. He argues it’s significantly different than the NDP’s. Since I edited this episode, I stand by my analysis for the most part.

Segment 3 – The Right kind of Conservative

Scott Gibson’s “Confessions of a self-loathing Tory” column in Maclean’s is sparking renewed conversation about launching a new Conservative Party, or at least dinner parties toward that goal.

Quick takes

Ep 23: BC does have one campaign finance law

A massive story this week in The Globe and Mail demonstrates that BC does actually have at least one campaign finance law – and it may have been broken in BC. What will this mean for the BC Liberals and will they fix it next week?

Then, we delve into a series of stories about efforts to point the blame and provide patchwork solutions to the Vancouver housing crisis. Will any of them actually work?

Finally, a boatload of quick takes in what was a pretty eventful week in Canadian politics.

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BC political fundraising

Vancouver housing crisis

Quick takes

Ep 22: One giant Leap

And they’re off! Three candidates are in and two to three more are expected. We take a look at who’s in the race to succeed Tom Mulcair and lead the federal NDP. As part of that discussion, we get into the rules of the race, what Guy Caron’s Basic Income idea is all about and whether the Leap Manifesto will come up again.

Then we look at Trudeau’s recent trip to BC and his latest comments on marijuana legalization and drug policy reform.

Finally, we close the show with some quick takes.

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NDP Leadership Race

Trudeau visit

Quick takes

DD 02: Conservative Leadership Race

Fourteen enter but only one will emerge victorious. Who has what it takes and who’s an also ran? Ian and Scott take a deep dive into the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race and whether it’s worth joining the party just to block Kevin O’Leary and Kellie Leitch from becoming leader.


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iPolitics polling

Eric Grenier’s Q4 2016 fundraising analysis

Ep 21: The forget me not budget

It’s an election year so that means the BC Liberal’s budget is all about tax cuts and spending increases. Who wins and who loses and what will the opposition do?

Next, we look at the sad state of the BC Conservative Party and wonder how a party can survive on 45 Twitter followers.

And in our quick takes, a BC-federal health deal, Vancouver votes to file a judicial review to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline, 1940s houses gain heritage designations, five federal by-elections are called, the BC Greens introduce a bill to permit ride-sharing and Charlie Angus enters the NDP leadership race.

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