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Ep 34: New Conservatives on the Block

Because we love you (or at least the sound of our own voices), here’s a bonus episode this week! Here we feature some of Scott Gilmore’s “New Conservatives” dinner party, thoughts of some of the people there and our hot take after. Then we take a quick look at the Comey firing.

Ep 33: Everyone’s a winner!

And we thought we wouldn’t have a lot to talk about after the election!

Here’s the first of our special double-header this week. In this part we do our first of what’s probably going to become an ongoing series deconstructing what just happened in the BC election. Plus we throw in our quick takes on a number of federal government stories.


PolitiCoast Live Election Night Part 2

The second half of our election night live show! We still didn’t know who won as of 11 PM – the Liberals and NDP were tied at 42 with the Greens holding the 3-seat balance of power (exactly Scott’s projections) – but we recorded some thoughts and took some listener questions. Thanks to everyone who came out, Our first live show was a huge success and we hope to see you at the next thing! Thanks also to Eli for sponsoring our drinks tonight, any sloppiness in our analysis is due to the alcohol and fine staff at Yagger’s.

PolitiCoast Election Live Part 1

The first rough cut from our election night live podcast! Minimal editing so forgive any background noise. Thanks to Yagger’s Downtown for hosting us!

Ep 32: I am Linda’s prediction model

Special announcement! We have a live election night party coming up at Yagger’s in downtown Vancouver on May 9 at 7 PM. RSVP on Facebook.

It’s our final pre-election show! We sit down with Bryan Breguet of to talk polls, election models and predicting the outcome of Tuesday’s election. Then we dive further into the election as a whole. Finally, we look at what fundraising data means for the Conservative and NDP leadership races.


Thanks again to Bryan. Apologies for any background noise during that interview, we recorded outside in downtown Vancouver.