Month: October 2021

Ep 263: Prepare to be disappointed

More bills, CleanBC 2.0 and a new cabinet

Ep 262: Free the trees

Two major new bills from the BCNDP.

Ep 261: Anthropomorphized Facebook Comment Sections

Aaron Gunn is officially wants to be in the race for leader of the BC Liberals but other contestants are divided over whether he should get the green light.

Ep 260: Tofino to Toronto

Trudeau goes to Tofino, Annamie Paul calls it quits, the BC Leg is back and Toronto loses at the Supreme Court.

Ep 259: Meng, Michaels and Micah

Micah joins us again for a legal analysis of the Meng saga and the end of the Fairy Creek injunction. Plus the BC Liberal Leadership debate