Month: April 2020

Ep 186: Clearing the COVID air

Translink is bleeding money, outbreaks at meat packing plants prompt calls for paid sick leave and an interview on air pollution and COVID-19.

Ep 186 Transcript – Dr Michael Brauer interview

The transcript of our interview with Dr Michael Brauer

Ep 185: Where was Andrew Wilkinson?

How fair are Andrew Wilkinson’s criticisms of the BC Government’s response to COVID-19?

Ep 184: Political Decisions in a Time of Crisis

David Moscrop, political scientist and Washington Post columnist, returns to discuss how we make political decisions in a time of crisis, whether our institutions are up to the task, and what comes after.

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Ep 183: To mask or not to mask?

Dr Rob Tarzwell joins us to talk about the science and mental health implications of the COVID-19 response