Month: November 2019

Ep 166: Conventional oppositions

A look at the BC NDP’s convention and end of the 2019 legislative session; how the federal Conservative and NDP leadership teams are shaping up; and why Victoria’s AggregateIQ is attracting international attention.

Ep 165: Down to the wire

The bills the BC NDP are rushing to get passed before the end of the year and Trudeau’s new cabinet.

Ep 164: What do the BC Liberals stand for in 2019?

The BC Liberals early platform and a look at the expanding number of groups in the Senate.

Ep 163: Live at VanPodFest 2019

We’re joined by comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries to (once again) recap the 2019 federal election. Recorded Live at the Vancouver Podcast Festival.

Ep 162: Prairie Alienation

“The West” doesn’t actually include the westernmost part of the country. But what does the Alberta-Saskatchewan alienation mean for BC’s place in confederation?