Month: August 2019

Ep 153: Ian’s going to sit out this awful election

Ian and Scott go through the latest pre-election news before Ian takes off on parental leave. But before that they also answer listener questions in an extended AMA lightning round.

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Segment 1: This awful election

Segment 2: AMA
at 17m10s

Quick takes
at 49m06s

Ep 152: Calling the Question on SNC

The Call the Question hosts join us to talk about climate change as a partisan issue, the ethics committee and whether politicians can change their mind.

Ep 151: SNC Thanks for nothing DPPSC

A damning report reignites the SNC Lavalin scandal and a deeper look at BC MLA donations.

Which MLAs aren’t team players?

Four MLAs didn’t give their party a penny.

Ep 150: Chocolate milk is good live show

Nicola Spurling and Zoe Ferry join us to break down the halfway mark of the Horgan government and a look ahead to the federal election.