Month: February 2018

  • Ep 74: Baby’s first budget

    Ep 74: Baby’s first budget

    Ian’s note: The title for this episode was meant as a (weak) joke about the BC NDP’s Childcare plan (it puts babies first, get it?), and not in anyway an attempt to undermine the credibility of Finance Minister Carole James or any women in politics. I’m sorry for this shortsightedness and will continue to try […]

  • Ep 73: An affordable throne

    The BC NDP’s spring Throne Speech aimed to quell anxiety over unaffordable housing but how much substance did it contain? The BC Liberals won the Kelowna West byelection in one of the least exciting races to date. And Micah calls in to give us the update on how the Aquarium won its case against the […]

  • Ep 72: Wine pipelines

    A BC politics heavy podcast this week: The BC Liberals have a new leader but how much is he just like the old leaders? Alberta stops importing BC wines after BC puts a moratorium on diluted bitumen shipments, prompting Scott to have an aneurysm. We check in on how these two stories will play in […]

  • Ep 71: Lieutenant Governoring the youth

    Ep 71: Lieutenant Governoring the youth

    Ian flies solo for this week’s short edition. First he talks with Ranil Prasad about the Vancouver Youth Parliament, then some follow up on more political fallout from allegations harassment across Canada. Finally, some quick takes and a look at the #bestofbcpoli. This week’s music: Once you know by Michael Averill Links Secret Life of Canada […]