Month: January 2018

  • Ep 70: #MeToo comes to Canadian politics

    Pod Keep Our Land’s Erin Rennie joins us to talk about the spate of political resignations this week following different sexual misconduct allegations. Leaders of the Progressive Conservative parties in Ontario and Nova Scotia stepped down, as did Liberal federal cabinet minister Kent Hehr. But first, we check in on the state of the BC […]

  • Ep 69: Minimum wage and War of Plates potpourri

    UBC economics prof Kevin Milligan takes our questions on the minimum wage debates. Plus a potpourri of topics from spending in the Vancouver byelection to the latest survey of British Columbians thoughts on Site C and proportional representation to the ongoing War of Plates between Alberta and Saskatchewan. And we close off with our picks […]

  • Ep 68: Sunset for Mayor Moonbeam

    Mayor Gregor Robertson announces he will not be seeking reelection this year, so this means more municipal coverage in 2018. Meanwhile, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer is probably hoping Senator Lynn Beyak would take an early retirement from the Senate as she continues to cause problems for him, even after being ejected from caucus for […]

  • The PolitiCoast Star Wars Holiday Special

    The PolitiCoast Star Wars Holiday Special

    Star Wars is known for its giant space battles and galactic storylines. In this holiday special, Ian & Scott are joined by Joe Fulgham to break down the politics and the military strategy & tactics of the Star Wars Universe. From the Galactic Republic and Clone Wars of the prequels to the Empire and Rebellion […]