Month: November 2017

Ep 63: Justin McElroy kills your nostalgia

From the federal and municipal governments we get housing plans upon housing plans, but how do they stack up? Then, we chat with Justin McElroy about how he decided to pit all Canadian TV against one another and whether Kids in the Hall or Mr Dressup will be crowned the best we can provide as a country.


Segment 1: Housing policies

Segment 2: Justin McElroy Canadian TV Bracket
at 28m57s

Quick takes
at 59m39s

Ep 62: Underway with challenges

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released his report card on how he thinks he’s doing. Prof Lindsay Tedds joins us again to dive into the MSP Task Force and we come back to the TPP and Peacekeeping.

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Segment 1: Underway with challenges

Segment 2: Lindsay Tedds and the MSP Task Force
at  9m23s

Quick takes
at 28m14s

Ep 61: Minister of Silly Names

Unparliamentary language is threatening our democracy in BC but thankfully Darryl Plecas is there to save us from such profanity. Plus, what does peacekeeping even mean anymore, particularly in light of Ukraine’s request that the UN intervene on their behalf against Russia. And the conversation about supply management we know you’ve been dying to hear. Finally, some quick takes which, as always, includes a not-so-quick look at the TPP and housing controversies in Vancouver.

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Segment 1: Does the legislature need an explicit tag?
at 7m03s

Segment 2: Peacekeeping, what is it good for?
at 16m20s

Segment 3: Supply management interview with John Hordijk
at  23m09s

Quick takes
at 48m44s

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Ep 60: Stephen Carter rants

Stephen Carter, former co-host of The Strategists podcast and president of QED Marketing Inc, joins us in Vancouver to rant about Alberta politics.

Ep 59: The Vancouver Special

The BC Utilities Commission has delivered its verdict on the state of the Site C Dam. Why Vancouver needs electoral reform with Keith Poore of 123Vancouver and our interview with newly minted councillor Hector Bremner. Find the full interviews on our Patreon

Congrats Lindsay Tedds (our premier sponsor) on your appointment as chair of the MSP elimination task force!


Segment 1: Plan B for Site C

Segment 2: Keith Poore – 123 Vancouver
at 12m21s

Segment 3: Hector Bremner
at 27m15s

Quick takes
at 1h05m58s