Month: September 2017

Ep 54: More leadership races means more content

We have candidates but we don’t have an agreed hashtag yet, so can we really call it a leadership race? In any case, Scott phones this one in (literally from Kingston) in a shorter episode looking at the initial state of the BC Liberal leadership race and a roundup of usual quick-takes.

Remember to check out the Vancouver byelection forum taking place on October 5 at St Andrews Wesley Church in Vancouver at 7 PM.

Thanks to our Patrons, particularly our premier Patron Lindsay Tedds, for helping us buy new gear. We should have this whole podcasting thing figured out soon.

Ian’s in a rush tonight so no links (Google is your friend). We should be back to regular amounts of editing & production next week.

Ep 53: John’s allowance

Big corporate money is out and big government money is in for BC politics. But is John Horgan’s allowance for political parties a good or bad thing? Ian & Scott debate it out.

Then Ian speaks with BC Civil Liberties Association Executive Director Josh Paterson about efforts to reform BC’s justice system.

And our usual quick takes.


DD 03: NDP Leadership Race

Our Deep Dive look at the NDP leadership race. Make sure to go back to Episode 45 for our interview with Niki Ashton and the clip on Patreon from the Burnaby JagMeet & Greet.


Ep 52: Tedds takes on the budget update

The BC NDP has released its budget update, so we brought back Prof Lindsay Tedds to bring a tax-economics eye to the discussion. Plus our usual quicktakes.


Ep 51: Betrayal!

The Legislature is back in session and we’ve already seen sparks fly – within the BC Liberal party! Plus we check in on the state of the Vancouver byelections with a who’s who of the candidates in the race.

Thanks to University of Victoria’s School of Public Administration for coming on board as our first Premier sponsor! And thanks to everyone who helped us reach our next Patreon goal!