Month: August 2017

Ep 49: Evan Balgord on right wing extremism

Evan Balgord, freelance journalist for CANADALAND and Torontoist, joins us to talk right wing extremism and anti-Muslim bigotry in BC and across Canada. Then we catch up on a smorgasbord of stories from BC and federal politics.

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Ep 48: Countering white supremacy

Ian and Scott are back together to catch up on all things BC and Canadian politics. Then they discuss the upcoming anti-racist march in Vancouver with two of the organizers of the rally.

The interview starts at 34:08.

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Ep 47: Ian’s Ottawa Adventure

Ian’s in Ottawa this week so we have a special episode with two interviews. First, Ian spoke with Evidence for Democracy Executive Director Katie Gibbs about the politics of science in Canada. Then, we have a clip from the latest episode of The Docket, where Ian discusses the Trinity Western University case before the Supreme Court of Canada with lawyers Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman.

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Listen to Ian’s appearance on The Boys in Short Pants

Ep 46: Lindsay Tedds

We spoke with University of Victoria professor Lindsay Tedds about all things taxes and economics and then a quick listen to some of the highlight policies from Jean Swanson’s candidacy announcement for Vancouver City Council.