Month: June 2017

Ep 41: A confident end to the jiggery-pokery

Christy Clark lost the confidence of the legislature and the Lieutenant Governor has asked John Horgan to be the next premier of BC. We recorded this episode literally as it was happening and are getting it out as quick as possible.

We also spoke with Stephen Carter from (what was) The Strategists’ podcast about what’s happening with the possible merger between the Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties. Follow Carter @Carter_AB

And no show notes this week as we’re trying to get this up as fast as possible.

Ep 40: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

BC has a speaker and a Throne Speech but those ideas sound awfully familiar… Brendan Dawe joins us to talk about Abundant Housing Vancouver. And Micah Goldberg joins us to talk through the Vancouver Aquarium’s lawsuit against the Vancouver Park’s Board.

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Apologies for the dicey audio quality at times, Ian’s still trying to figure out how to operate the fancy equipment at the Vancouver Public Library’s Inspiration Lab.


Segment 1: What election platform?

Segment 2: Abundant Housing Vancouver

Segment 3: Vancouver Aquarium vs Vancouver Park’s Board

Quick takes

Ep 39: The Neverending Election

Yes, we have to talk about the BC election again. Christy Clark announced her cabinet and rumours are flying whether there’s trouble in the GreeNDP paradise. Then we invite Micah back for thoughts on the retirement of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Beverley McLachlin and we look at Vancouver City Council’s decision to reject the development application for 105 Keefer Street. Plus we have lots in our quick takes.

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Segment 1: Get on with it

Segment 2: Supreme Retirement
At 17:53

Segment 3: Don’t fear the Keefer
At 28:41

Quick takes
At 42:50

Ep 38: Dave’s hot takes

We sat down with political scientist David Moscrop for this episode to talk about the ongoing BC stalemate, his work an experiences as a pundit and Canada’s new foreign policy. Follow Dave on Twitter at @David_Moscrop or find more links at his website.

Apologies for the bit of popping on Dave’s mic.


Segment 1: Who will speak for the legislature?

Segment 2: Apparently people care what you think
at 16:06

Segment 3: The Trudeau Doctrine
at 53:50

Quick takes
at 1:17:58

Ep 37: Clark’s GreeNDP nightmare

With the growth we’ve had since launching in October, and particularly following the historic 2017 BC election, we think it’s time to see what we can really do with this podcast. That’s why we’re launching a Patreon page to ask you to help us build this show into all that it can be.

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