Month: April 2017

  • Ep 31: Hulk Horgan Strikes Back

    Special announcement! We have a live election night party coming up at Yagger’s in downtown Vancouver on May 9 at 7 PM. RSVP on Facebook. Christy Clark, Andrew Weaver and John Horgan squared off in the televised debate. Who won and who lost? The Greens have released their full platform, how much does it cost […]

  • Ep 30: No one puts Andrew in the corner

    The first head-to-head-to-head debate of the 2017 BC Election happened yesterday and we’re here to break down who won, who lost, who hulked out and who politely raised his hand. Then, we touch on housing policy in Ontario and the surprise call for a UK election. In our last segment, we have an interview with […]

  • Ep 29: YPP and Libertarians and Economists Oh My!

    A special midweek election bonus episode for you. Ian & Scott sat down on Sunday evening with the leaders of Your Political Party and the BC Libertarians. Then Ian sat down in Victoria with University of Victoria economist Lindsay Tedds to break down the economics of the platforms that have been released to date. Links […]

  • Ep 28: Elections are not the time for serious issues

    The BC Liberals and BC NDP have released their platforms but will they hold the weight of their supporters’ ambitions? The federal Liberals have released their draft cannabis act but is it more than a lot of hot smoke? And a clip from our interview with BC Greens Communications Coordinator Ryan Clayton. Make sure to […]

  • Ep 27: Teflon Clark and David Eby

    The BC Ombudsperson released a report into the BC Government’s decision to fire eight key Ministry of Health employees in 2012. Will this scandal stick to Teflon Christy Clark? Next, the provinces have finally agreed a free trade agreement with the federal government. Will Canada finally be a free market oasis? Then we take a look at the […]