Month: October 2016

  • Ep 05: 99 Red Walloons

    Did the Canada-Europe trade just get torpedoed by an obscure region of Belgium? Wallonia is being blamed by Canada’s Minister on International Trade for making agreement on the CETA deal impossible. With the Conservatives throwing mad shade, what will the Liberals do on the trade file? Also, Michael Chong presents his democratic reform proposals, which […]

  • Ep 04: You’re Fired!

    Ian & Scott are joined by Micah to discuss all things politics, both in BC and across the Canada. In this episode they discuss the firing of the Vancouver School Board, reactions to the third US presidential debate, the Supreme Court of Canada appointment, new BC leadership candidates for the federal Conservatives and NDP, Trudeau’s […]

  • Ep 03: Trumpster Fires

    Ian & Scott delve into a post second presidential debate review even as the Trump campaign meltdown shows no signs of abating. They also respond to some of the feedback on carbon pricing, the state of the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race, Uber’s lobbying the BC government, Trudeau’s Bombardier Bailout, the Tsawwassen Mills chaos, […]

  • Don’t (Carbon) Tax Me Bro!

    In the six days since Episode 2 of PolitiCoast: Green Shift 2.0 Shift Harder was released the feedback we received on Facebook can at best be described as “mixed”.  It turns out Carbon Taxes are controversial. Who would have thought? The responses can be broken down into four general but over lapping categories.  First climate […]

  • The Trumpster Fire debate

    It’s Thanksgiving weekend, so Scott and I aren’t able to sit down and record a special episode on the US presidential debate that happened last night. So while we will get to much of this on this week’s episode (assuming more news doesn’t drop and I’ll get to that later), having just watched it, I wanted […]

  • Ep 02: Green Shift 2.0 – Shift Harder

    Ian and Scott delve into the Trudeau government’s announcement that there will be a price on carbon. How did the provinces react and what does it mean for BC? Plus: What can you learn from a nomination meeting? What’s the point in having a politics podcast if the legislature isn’t sitting? What’s going on at […]