Month: September 2016

  • Ep 01: Band-aids on gaping flesh wounds

    In the first episode of PolitiCoast, Scott and Ian discuss the motivations for the podcast, the approval of the Pacific Northwest LNG project and the latest in the Vancouver housing story and efforts to regulate a solution. In their quick takes they discuss the fallout from the first US presidential debate, the Green Party of […]

  • Ep 00: The NAFTA Debate

    Ian and Scott are joined by Trevor for a special teaser episode of PolitiCoast. Tonight’s commentary is focused solely on the first US Presidential Debate. Which Trump showed up? Did Hillary have the stamina? And why are we still talking about NAFTA in 2016? Check back later this week for the first official episode of […]

  • Welcome to PolitiCoast

    With a BC election a little over 6 months away, it seems like the perfect time to launch a politics podcast with a distinctly BC focus. There are few others really investigating the topic, so look forward to weekly updates as Scott & I delve into what’s going on. Stay tuned for our first episode […]